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Popper is an OCaml testing library that can be used for writing simple unit-tests as well as property-based ones. Its underlying design is inspired by the Python library Hypothesis.


Popper is currently in alpha-stage and is to be used at your own risk.

High-level features of Popper include:

  • A uniform API for defining regular unit- and property-based tests.
  • Embedded shrinking — invariants used when constructing samples for property-based tests are always respected.
  • Compositional design — tests may be bundled and nested arbitrarily.
  • Ships with a ppx for automatically deriving comparator and sample functions for custom data types.
  • Deterministic (and reproducible) results.
  • Colorful output (cred goes to Alcotest, couldn't resist the inspiration).
  • Support for line-number reporting, timing information and logging.


Show me an example

Here's what test output looks like:

It was generated from the following code:

open Popper
open Sample.Syntax

type exp =
  | Lit of bool
  | And of exp * exp
  | Or of exp * exp
  | Not of exp
[@@deriving show, ord, popper]

(* A buggy evaluator function *)
let rec eval = function
  | Lit b -> b
  | And (e1, e2) -> eval e1 || eval e2
  | Or (e1, e2) -> eval e1 || eval e2
  | Not b -> not @@ eval b

(* A simple unit test *)
let test_hello_world =
  test @@ fun () ->
    equal Comparator.string "hello world" (String.lowercase_ascii "Hello World")

(* Another unit test *)
let test_lit_true = test @@ fun () -> is_true (eval (Lit true) = true)

(* A property-based test *)
let test_false_ident_or =
  test @@ fun () ->
    let* e = exp_sample in
    is_true (eval e = eval (Or (Lit false, e)))

(* Another property-based test *)
let test_true_ident_and =
  test @@ fun () ->
    let* e = Sample.with_log "e" pp_exp exp_sample in
    is_true ~loc:__LOC__ (eval e = eval (And (Lit true, e)))

(* Bundle some tests together *)
let exp_suite =
    [ ("Lit true", test_lit_true)
    ; ("False ident or", test_false_ident_or)
    ; ("True ident and", test_true_ident_and)

(* Top-level test-suite *)
let suite =
  suite [ ("Hello World", test_hello_world); ("Expression", exp_suite) ]

let () = run suite